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Are Two Hearing Aids Best?

Are Two Hearing Aids Best?

Yes! In most cases hearing loss that occurs with age occurs in both ears. Therefore, if a hearing loss is present in both ears two hearing aids are recommended.

Music recorded with two microphones known as stereo recording is used today to give music and speech a natural and lively sound. The brain relies on two independent “microphones” – the ears. Using both ears for hearing is called binaural hearing. If only one ear is functioning properly an individual will find they will have more difficulty communicating effectively.

Have you seen anyone wearing a monocle lately? I don’t think you have. The monocle is obsolete and we all recognize the advantages of balanced vision. Similarly, aiding each ear is more helpful and produces better results for those with hearing impairment in two ears.

What are those advantages? The following is a list of several reasons why two hearing aids are better when you have hearing loss in both ears:

  • People wearing two hearing aids understand speech and conversations significantly better than those with one hearing aid.
  • There is better understanding in groups and even noisy situations when two hearing aids are worn. Wearing two hearing aids will allow both of the ears to work together and in noise our brain will be able to better cancel out some of the noise and help us listen to conversation.
  • People can better detect the sound source with two hearing aids. In our busy daily activities we need to hear where sounds are coming from for our own protection as well as for our enjoyment. Being able to "find" the bird singing in the tree or hear the car coming from a direction you are not concentrating on are just two examples.
  • Two hearing aids allow you to hear 360 degrees, providing a better sense of balance and sound quality.
  • Sounds presented to two ears are perceived as being louder by our brain. Therefore when wearing two hearing aids you do not have to turn the volume up as loud. This also produces less distortion and better reproduction of amplified sounds. Feedback, which is a high pitch whistling sound from the hearing aid, is also less likely to occur when the volume doesn't have to be turned up as high.
  • With two hearing aids people can hear sounds from further away than if they were only wearing one hearing aid.
  • Sounds are more easily distinguishable or clearer with two hearing aids.
  • When only one hearing aid is worn, there is a greater concern that the unaided ear will lose its ability to hear and understand speech over time. When two hearing aids are used, that concern decreases.
  • A person who wears two hearing aids tires less often during conversations. Wearing two hearing aids will offer you less stressful listening situations.
  • Consumers with binaural fittings express greater satisfaction than people with one hearing aid.