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Free Trial

A lifetime of better hearing starts with your free trial

Wouldn't it be great if you could try a product before making a significant make sure it fits your needs and lifestyle before saying, "I'll take it!" And, if there was no upfront cost, well, that would be better yet. Most companies can't let you do this, but at Kaczmarski Hearing Services, we can.

It you have concerns about your hearing, or if you currently wear hearing aids and are looking for something better, contact us today and ask about a free hearing aid trial.

Watch the video below to see how it works:

  • Take a set of great sounding hearing aids home for a free trial and experience a real world assessment
  • This free in home trial lets you try them out where you live, work and play
  • During your trial the hearing aids collect important data that help us understand your usage and what environments you are actually spending time while using them. You can also rate your performance as you listen in real time
  • This is the best way for us to find the right level of technology that's just right for you and your budget
  • If your hearing needs ever change you can upgrade your level of technology at any time!