Sarah Roggenbuck graduated Summa Cum Laude in 2005 from Old Dominion University with a Bachelors degree in Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology. After graduating she accepted an internship out in Tulsa, Oklahoma where she was trained as a licensed Hearing Instrument Specialist. She later moved back home to a clinic in the Chicago suburbs, before she was promoted to a Regional Director in the “Thumb” of Michigan. For 6 years she was responsible for the testing and fitting of hearing aids in 3 locations including a hospital setting. She later served as a hearing aid manufacturer rep where she became a product expert covering the Detroit and Toledo area for nearly 4 years. Most recently she served as a Regional Manager for multiple clinic locations throughout Michigan as well as a few in Indiana.

Sarah has worked in a variety of different settings in the hearing industry over the last 12 years, but she is most excited to be back in the clinic where she will be able to work directly with patients again. She said, “I truly consider it a privilege to be able to see firsthand the quality of life improvements in my patients when they are properly fit with hearing aids. I am passionate about taking the time to understand what is important to my patients so that I can help make those environments enjoyable again.”

Sarah and her family recently relocated to Western Michigan from the Detroit Metro area. Sarah, and her husband Josh, enjoy spending time with their daughters Stella and Hattie.

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