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Doctor: Angela Barton

Angela took her time & really explained everything to make sure I understood everything. With her experience I'm hearing things that I didn't realize I was missing. My hearing aids have been a great experience so far.

Doctor: Terri Aslum

Terri is the consummate professional whom I have been a patient for eight years and two sets of Phonak premium hearing aids. I highly recommend Terri as an audiologist.

by HOWARD HANSEN on Kaczmarski Hearing Services
Doctor: Emily Brandner

It's been a year now since I got my hearing aids and they have made a big improvement in my life. Early on we decided that the original aids that I got were not as effective as I needed and Emily recommended a different brand that were more comfortable and helped my hearing issues more. The staff at Kaczmarski are very helpful and caring and so patient as you work through the transition to using hearing aids. It is a big investment but the quality of life improvement in hearing better and all the amazing patient support is well worth the money! I would recommend Kaczmarski Hearing Services to everyone.

Doctor: Dr. Terry Alsum

Terry was very helpful and worked through the hearing issues through several appointments to get everything right and now I am hearing well. Thanks Terry. I highly recommend her.

Doctor: Dr. Terry Alsum

I have all the confidence i the world that my hearing problem is in good hands with Dr,. Terry Alsum. She is professional and clearly wants to do what is best for me.

by Michael Christy on Kaczmarski Hearing Services
Doctor: Dr Terry Alsum

Always given the best service and attention to my needs.

by Cathy Worrell on Kaczmarski Hearing Services
Doctor: Robyn

I just got my New aids a few days ago and I'm amazed how they are already changing my life! I had damage to my one ear as a child and have had loss of hearing since then and have always relied on my "good ear" and that has progressively loss hearing and until my hearing aids I never realized all that I have truly been missing around me and struggling to hear! They are so easy to use , still allot to learn they can do so much.The technology is amazing in such little things! Robyn was awesome and took her time explaining things to me, so far couldn't be happier!

Doctor: Terry

Just got a new pair of hearing aids and Kaczmarski's was great. Terry was super helping me to find a reasonable starting solution to my hearing loss. So far so good and very glad I went to Kaczmarski's .

by Carol Lou Rhoads on Kaczmarski Hearing Services
Doctor: Terry

There is No better Hearing Services than Kaczmarski Hearing Services ! They are there for you when you need them !!!! You are treated like you are important and number 1 to them !!

by Debbie Christy on Kaczmarski Hearing Services
Doctor: Dr. Terry Alsum

My husband and I have always had great service with Kaczmarski Hearing Services. Thank you!!!

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