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Doctor: Terry

Just got a new pair of hearing aids and Kaczmarski's was great. Terry was super helping me to find a reasonable starting solution to my hearing loss. So far so good and very glad I went to Kaczmarski's .

by Carol Lou Rhoads on Kaczmarski Hearing Services
Doctor: Terry

There is No better Hearing Services than Kaczmarski Hearing Services ! They are there for you when you need them !!!! You are treated like you are important and number 1 to them !!

by Debbie Christy on Kaczmarski Hearing Services
Doctor: Dr. Terry Alsum

My husband and I have always had great service with Kaczmarski Hearing Services. Thank you!!!

by Ryan Hesche on Kaczmarski Hearing Services
Doctor: Terry Alsum

WOW! I am a 30 something man with a family and busy real estate career. I was suffering with Tinnitus, I came to Kaczmarski to see what they could do. When she said "Hearing Aids" I thought, great I am now OLD!WRONG! I have had the "hearing aids" for a month or so now, and my life has changed! My stress level is lower, my wife and kids told me I am much nicer in the evenings than before...but before I had constant ringing in my ears, now I hear small tones and noise and my brain does not make its own noise!My insurance covered a large part of these life changing hearing aids. Don't live with ringing in your ears, come to Kaczmarski and get relief!

by Scott (Pauline) Weitzel on Kaczmarski Hearing Services
Doctor: Dr. Angela Burton

My grandmother is 97 years old. She had a hearing aid over 20 years ago. She stopped wearing it for a reason she can not even recall. She thinks it was because the batteries ran out and it whistled. Well, after all of this time she finally agreed to let me take her in for a new test. Im so happy that we connected with Dr. Burton. In the interest of brevity, she was awesome! Kind, patient, caring and knowledgeable. We ordered a hearing aid for my grandmother and the improvement in her ability to converse was immediate. Now, if she will stick with it and take the time to get used to it, I think her life will be greatly enhanced. And her family members wont have to shout at her anymore to carry on a simple conversation.I highly recommend Kaczmarski Hearing Services if you are in need of hearing enhancement. (hey Roxanne G!)

Doctor: Angela Barton

Great Gals, very good at explaining the results of my test.

by Steven Alexander on Kaczmarski Hearing Services
Doctor: Angela Barton

As of my first visit Dr. Barton was very good to work with. She explained everything very well on how to work with the hearing aids and what to expect from them.

by Jack VanAartsen on Kaczmarski Hearing Services
Doctor: Angela Barton

Dr. Barton is a knowledgeable and competent person. She is pleasant to work with and always understanding.This is a friendly and customer orientated office!!

by Gary Schenk on Kaczmarski Hearing Services
Doctor: Melissa Jordan

Dr. Jordan and the staff at North Pointe are absolutely first rate. I could not have picked a better place nor better people to help me with my first hearing aid experience. Service is outstanding, everyone is friendly and there is no question that is not answered promptly and with a smile.

by Zelma Richard on Kaczmarski Hearing Services
Doctor: Terry Alsum

I have been a patient for well over 5 years. My experience with Kazmsraski has been excellent all the way from the front desk to each Doctor.

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