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by Jack A. Kosten on Kaczmarski Hearing Services
Doctor: Terry Alsum

The most important person that I need to communicate with is my spouse. Successful communication is important in any relationship and my wife is at the top of the list. My new Widex Fusion BiCros hearing aids are instrumental to the success of our communication. Whether in the car, at home listening to TV or other challenging environments, my new hearing aids significantly improve my ability to hear and understand what is being said. My last hearing aids were 7 years old and due to be replaced. I tried the latest model made by that manufacturer and, after a trial period, preferred the Widex performance over those. The combination of Kaczmarski Hearing Services, my audiologist (Terry Alsum) and the Widex Evoke Fusion BiCros hearings aids is the key to resolving my SSD challenges.

by Sue Coffing on Kaczmarski Hearing Services
Doctor: Angela Barton

Dr. Angela spent time explaining my new aids to me and all the new features. I just love them!!!! I feel confident that these new hearing aids will enable me to re enter the work force and be able to function in a much higher capacity with ease. I am very happy with the results!!!!!

by Thomas m scovel on Kaczmarski Hearing Services
Doctor: Angela Barton

Dr Angela was very professional and reassuring.Indeed she was very helpful and pleasant to work with.

Doctor: Angela Barton

We are very happy with our Starkey Muse hearing aides and the care and service we have been given at Kaczmarski Hearing, Wyoming Metro.

Doctor: forgot

everyone is very friendly,knows exactly what i needed,i will always be there. Thank you,see you soon.

by george elliott on Kaczmarski Hearing Services
Doctor: angie

this is a great company to work with. friendly and willing to help solve problems with hearing aids.

Doctor: Angela Barton

Angela took her time & really explained everything to make sure I understood everything. With her experience I'm hearing things that I didn't realize I was missing. My hearing aids have been a great experience so far.

Doctor: Terri Aslum

Terri is the consummate professional whom I have been a patient for eight years and two sets of Phonak premium hearing aids. I highly recommend Terri as an audiologist.

by HOWARD HANSEN on Kaczmarski Hearing Services
Doctor: Emily Brandner

It's been a year now since I got my hearing aids and they have made a big improvement in my life. Early on we decided that the original aids that I got were not as effective as I needed and Emily recommended a different brand that were more comfortable and helped my hearing issues more. The staff at Kaczmarski are very helpful and caring and so patient as you work through the transition to using hearing aids. It is a big investment but the quality of life improvement in hearing better and all the amazing patient support is well worth the money! I would recommend Kaczmarski Hearing Services to everyone.

Doctor: Dr. Terry Alsum

Terry was very helpful and worked through the hearing issues through several appointments to get everything right and now I am hearing well. Thanks Terry. I highly recommend her.

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