We believe our hearing instruments will only deliver their full benefit to an user when they are fit and maintained by one of our Licensed Audiologists. We are committed to the idea that satisfied users result from professional guidance in the selection, fitting and maintenance of a hearing instrument. People with hearing loss deserve choices that allow them to find the solution that best meets their individual needs. We believe this is best accomplished through a personal relationship with one of our Audiologists.

There are several inherent problems for consumers regarding internet hearing aid sales. Most glaring is the competitive price shopping that manufacturer branding generates, including price comparisons to internet sales. It is not uncommon for a consumer to take a recommendation for brand X hearing aids and then to investigate competitive pricing from various local retail or professional outlets, or the internet. Many consumers do not understand that professional care and service, including how the hearing aids are programmed is at least as important as the hearing aids; and in our opinion, is even more important. Our audiologists know that hearing aids are only as good as they are programmed, but unfortunately that is not common knowledge among consumers.

A Licensed Audiologist specializes in finding the best type and model of hearing aid for you. An audiologist will advise you regarding the most appropiate hearing aid style and features for your pattern of hearing loss, as well as for your unique lifestyle and listening needs.  Beware of “discounted” mail order or online hearing aid sales. Purchasing hearing aids through the mail or online often excludes an important diagnostic audiologic evaluation, hearing aid orientation and adjustment, and rehabilitation services. These services help to ensure quality care and full benefit from the use of a hearing aid, as well as appropriate referral if medical treatment is warranted.

Each person’s hearing loss presents unique characteristics. Hearing impairment involves a damaged hearing system unique to each individual. The expertise of your Audiologist about product quality and the monitoring and follow-up services you will need are important considerations in your purchase decision.